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What do our children say about their sporting activities?

Child views/comments – Physical activity and sport at Westwoodside CofE Primary school (Jan 2019)


Children were asked what they like about sport in the school 

‘’I love being part of the swimming team because I love swimming’’ Year 6 Pupil

‘’I like our mile run because it refreshes you in the afternoon!’’ Year 6 Pupil

‘’I love doing Tennis in PE because it is very easy to learn’’ Year 6 Pupil

‘’I like PE because you can use apparatus’’ Year 6 Pupil

‘’I like cycling’’ Year 5 Pupil

‘’I like running’’ Year 5 Pupil

‘’We are encouraged to play sport at play, it is fun and keeps us fit’’ Year 5 Pupil

‘’I love swimming and netball’’ Year 5 Pupil

‘’I like sports because it keeps me fit and healthy’’ Year 5 Pupil

‘’I love Netball’’ Year 5 Pupil

‘’I like to play sport, it helps me to relax, especially running’’ Year 6 Pupil

‘’I enjoy street sport at the school because they teach me new sports’’ Year 4 Pupil

‘’I enjoy playing Badminton because it’s like planning Tennis’’ Year 4 Pupil

‘’Skipping makes me happy’’ Year 2 Pupil

‘’I like sports because it keeps me calm’’ Year 4 Pupil

‘’I like playing football at the school because it helps me to get better’’ Year 4 Pupil

‘’I enjoy running because it keeps me active’’ Year 1 Pupil

‘’ I enjoy sport because it is good for you’’ Year 5 Pupil

‘’I like football because it makes you more active’’ Year 4 Pupil

‘’I enjoy doing running club at the school’’ Year 2 Pupil

‘’I do rugby’’ Year 1 Pupil

‘’I like doing street sport’’ Year 3 Pupil

‘’I like going to the school football club’’ Year 1

‘’I like sport because I like football’’ Year 4 Pupil

‘’I like tennis’’ Year 3 Pupil