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Year 6 Hockey

Year 6 visited South Axholome Academy in early September to participate in a Hockey afternoon. The children learnt a variety of skills necessary to play the game, including dribbling, striking and defence. Everyone had a go at small tournaments too. Lots of new and valuable skills were learnt, but more importantly, a lot of fun and enjoyment took place. The children loved the afternoon so much that we now hold a Hockey club on Tuesday evenings. Why not join in?

Practising dribbling techniques

Aiming and hopefully scoring.

Future Stars

On Thursday 3 May, some children from year 1-4 visited the English Institute of Sport.

They all had a fantastic day viewing where the athletes train, as well as having a go themselves on the indoor athletics track.They also had a go at long jump and javelin.

 The institute is where Jessica Ennis- Hill and Anthony Joshua train. It was an amazing day that will keep their sporting passion and enthusiasm going for a long time!

Tour De Yorkshire 2018

Two KS2 children were lucky enough to represent Westwoodside Academy in the recent Tour De Yorkshire race that finished in Doncaster. They participated in a cycling race on the finishing straight in front of the crowds, waiting for the main race to finish. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for these children that they will never forget.

Isle of Axholme Swimming Gala

A massive congratulations to our Key Stage 2 school swimming team. They all put in a fantastic performace at The Pods in Scunthorpe in March. Every child did themselves and the school proud, and we are pleased to say we came first in the competition.

Isle Winners! Champion Swimmers!