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Pupil Premium Grant

Schools are required to publish details of their Pupil Premium allocation; how they plan to spend the allocation in the current year; how the previous year's allocation was spent and the effect of the expenditure on the attainment of those pupils for whom the funding was allocated.

A number of our Pupil Premium children have significant Special Needs and receive intensive support in this area. Other children require support to close the gap with all other children nationally. Some children require support to reach the higher standard and stretch them further in their learning. Barriers to learning are identified on a personal basis and plans put in place to meet individual needs.

We anticipate that our funding for 2017-2018  will be £24,000. We are not aware, at this stage in the year, that we will receive any funding for the Early Years Pupil Premium.

This funding will be used to meet the needs of a small cohort of children by personalising learning for them. In addition, this year we will be funding work with Achievement for All which will be a two year long programme. This will enable us to provide further training to staff, work with parents and deliver targeted support as effectively as possible.

We  also use the funding to support the provision of targeted Teaching Assistant support and to deliver personalised programmes in small groups e.g. TELL, Read Write Inc. phonics.  Other support is delivered according to the attainment and progress of individual children. 'Catch up' and 'pre-teach' sessions are also used for targeted children. All support is tracked by our Pupil Premium Champion (Mrs Wilson).

A summary of the 2016-17 spending and the impact of this on children's results can be found by opening the Pupil Premium Statement attached below. We review the progress of Pupil Premium children at least termly during pupil progress meetings at this time support is also reviewed to ensure we meet current needs.

File icon: pdf Pupil Premium Statement 2012-13 [pdf 60KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Pupil Premium Statement 2013-14 [pdf 46KB] Click to download
File icon: docx Pupil Premium Statement 2014-15 [docx 13KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Pupil Premium Statement 2015-2016 [pdf 126KB] Click to download