Year 3/4 Class Padlet Autumn 2020

Welcome to our new school year!


Hope that you all had a lovely summer? I'm sure that it was very different in many ways. We are looking forward to seeing you all in school and welcoming especially our Year 3 children moving up from Year 2 as well as Aldo, joining our school as a new Year 4 pupil.

We will be putting a lot of attention on well-being as well as basic skills on our return to class. English and maths will be a priority, but we will weave these into other areas of the curriculum. We have posted about reading and spellings on our class Padlet. PE will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so children can come to school in their PE kits on those days. Obviously as the weather gets cooler and wetter, please ensure they have appropriate clothing to keep them warm as well as a spare pair of socks and footwear where possible. We are of course trying to limit the amount of things coming in from home, so please keep items to a minimum and ensure they are clearly labelled.

Our class Padlet will be the place to look for homework and information relating to our class. It will be updated at least each week, so please check this. A link for it will be at the top of our class web page.



Mrs Dunwoody and Miss Thomas

Welcome to the final half term!


Hope that you've all had a fab half term and have had plenty of time enjoyng the outdoors with the amazing weather that we have had? Well it's the last half term of the year - seems so strange to say. It's so sad that we aren't able to all be here together doing the usual end of year things that we would normally be doing. However, we will make sure that we plan some fun things in! 

Obviously some of the children in Years 1, 2 and 6 are returning to school and there are the key worker's children in school too. We will continue to set work on both Padlet (link to new Padlet below) and Google Classroom as we were before the holiday. Miss Thomas and myself will be in school, working with some of the pupils there on Mon-Weds and Thurs-Fri, so we may be a bit slower replying to your messages and responding to your work. Please do get in touch if you need support with anything and one of us will be in touch as soon as possible. 

Our theme for this half term is all about healthy living and was going to link to the Olympics. You will be learning about the digestive system and also about food chains and eco-systems, as we thought that this could link to some of the topic from last half term. 

We are also participating in the Wildlife Trusts '30 Days Wild'. Details and activities have been linked for you on Padlet and Classroom.

We hope that you are all safe and well and really look forward to hearing what you have been up to during the break. We will let you know when our next Zoom meeting is ASAP.


Take care and speak soon,


Mrs Dunwoody and Miss Thomas




Padlet from 1st June

Please use this link if you wish to use Padlet, it is our new one for Summer 2.

External Link Icon New Padlet

Keeping in touch

If there is an issue with your home learning, then please either contact school or one of us via email.

My email is for any queries Mon-Weds

Miss Thomas is for any queries Thurs-Fri


Monday 18th May


Hope you all had a lovely weekend?

Well it's the final week of the half term. I can't believe that we have done a half term of online learning! I know that it hasn't been easy for you all, but it seems to me that you have all been able to do your best with all the different situations you have at home. So well done to everyone - including the parents!

This week we will be looking at how habitats are changing because of the effects of what people do are having on our planet. Then we will be thinking about what we've found out about how our planet is changing and how we can help address some of the issues. We will also be asking you to find out about how we have clean drinking water in our country.

We have continued to set work on both Padlet and Classroom this week after such a mixed response from many of you. Please remember that work is the same on both platforms. The benefit of Classroom is that it is possible for you to share your work with us, which is particularly nice with English and Science or Geography work. We love seeing what you have been up to (work or if you've been doing other fun things). 

Our Zoom meeting will be at 2pm on Monday (18th) which was postponed from Friday 15th. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible. I will send a reminder of the Zoom logon details via ParentMail. 

The weather looks like it's going to pick up again this week - I know from last time's chat how many of you will be using your paddling pools and trampolines! How many of you have been camping in your garden?

Hope to see you later, if not we'll be in touch later in the week, hopefully with more information about our learning after the holidays.

Have fun and speak soon!

Mrs Dunwoody and Miss Thomas


Monday 11th May


Hoping that you are all well?

We will upload work on to both Padlet and Google Classroom this week. It is preferable if you can use Google Classroom so that we can see how you are getting on with your work - you can upload your work there for us to look at.

It was lovely to see so many of you on Wednesday on our Zoom chat. We will organise another one for later in the week. Further details will be sent to you via Parentmail and Google Classroom.

We hope that you had a brilliant day celebrating VE Day on Friday - we certainly had the weather for it! I saw lots of amazing bunting around the village when I went for my walk. 

I have uploaded some images if you look at our tabs above - maybe you could send something to us to share?

Please get in touch if there's anything that we can help you with.


Take care and keep smiling!


Mrs Dunwoody and Miss Thomas

Sci-Fi and VE Day

Hello again,

I can't believe that another week has gone by! Well, this week would've been Sci-Fi Week in school and we would also have been preparing and celebrating VE Day. So, this week we will be setting work in the afternoons based on these two themes. 

Keep checking daily on our class Padlet for lessons and activites. We hope that your home learning is going ok? We understand how difficult it is to manage this and every family has totally different circumstances. Try to access what you can, when you can and ask for help if needed. 

Google Classroom is almost ready to use - we just need the last few people to check their email to see links we've sent with pupil's new email address on, so that they can access our Google Classrooms (one for Y3 and another for Y4). Google Classroom will allow us to communicate more easily with each other including the chidren. It will also enable us to look at work and be helpful when responding to queries too. Again, any questions or issues, please get in touch. 

We will also be setting up a Zoom meeting this week, following the highest safety procedures. We will be in touch again with the specific details of this. It'll be fab to see some friendly faces and find out how you are all doing and what you've been up to!

Remember that it's Bank Holiday on Friday, so that we can remember and celebrate VE Day, so no work will be set for then. Make sure you have lots of fun with your families - it looks like lovely weather, so a picnic in the garden could be fun!

By the way, it'd be lovely if you could share some photos with us of any work or projects that you may have been working on, or anything fun that you have been up to. I can add them to our class page to share with the class.

Looking forward to hearing what you have all been up to,

take care, stay safe and keep smiling!

Mrs Dunwoody and Miss Thomas xx

Monday 27th April

Good morning!

Another week of lockdown, so we are setting lessons in the same way as we did last week, via Padlet. We hope that you were all able to get online and access the lessons? Please remember to get in touch if there are any issues.

Could you please keep a record of your spelling test results as well as any times tables results that you have so that we can add them to our records in school at a later date. Also try to keep the work that you have done on paper together, as it will be a nice record for you to look back on and for us to see how you've been getting on. 

Our theme for this half term is 'What a Wonderful World', and we will be asking you to find out lots of things that will link to Science and Geography. This week we are focussing on changes of state of materials and Climate Change. Did any of you manage to create a mini water cycle in a bowl last week? There are loads of similar experiments online - you can try a smaller version in a sandwich bag stuck to a window!

Are any of you trying the Spanish lessons? I have put another on for this week. If you have missed last weeks or any other lessons, if you scroll across to the right of the Padlet there is a column for past activities.

Hope you've had a lovely time getting plenty of sunshine and exercise outside? It looks like the weather is changing this week, but try to get outside for some fresh air when you can. Remember to try to get some inspiration for some art work, looking all around when you get out of the house. We are going to focus on water this week, so the weather changing could be useful! 

Anyway, we hope you are all well and having fun being creative at home.

We will be in touch again soon!

Take care

Mrs Dunwoody and Miss Thomas xx

Sunday 19th April

Hello everyone,

Hoping that you have all been enjoying more of this beautiful weather? Miss Thomas and I have been out in our gadens and I have been enjoying getting out for my daily walks with Monty and Max. I even had a sleep out in my garden with Max after our mini festival that we did. Did the Easter Bunny manage to visit? Max had a visit from Shaun the sheep and friends who delivered an egg. Maybe they visited you?

So, as it's the end of the Easter holidays, we have been preparing some lessons and actvity ideas for you to be doing at home. We will be sending work to you via the school website, on our class page. It will be available via a link to our class Padlet. This is another web page that allows us to keep all of our links and documents together. All you need to do is click on the link, go to the class Padlet, then there will be a series of columns with tiles for you to click on for lessons.

The Padlet will be updated daily, Monday-Friday so that you can access each of the days activities when you need them. Most activities will have a document attached to complete, but you don't need to print these off. You can complete them by discussing them together or complete them mentally. You can also of course make notes on paper or in an exercise book. If you need  an exercise book then you can contact school and arrangements can be made for you to collect one.

The Home Learning Daily 9/10 will be attached below. Please use this to keep a record of your learning each week.

Remember if you get stuck with anything, please contact school.

We will be in touch soon.

Take care and keep in touch with each other.

Missing you all,

Mrs. Dunwoody and Miss.Thomas



File icon: docx year 3 checklist wc 20.4.20.docx [docx 13KB] Click to download
File icon: docx year 4 checklist wc 20.4.20.docx [docx 13KB] Click to download

It's Easter!!! (almost) 

Hello to you all,

Well today should be the start of the Easter holidays. I don't know about you, but I often have a hard time remembering what day of the week it is at the moment!

We hope that you are all well and have had chance to catch up with each other somehow over the past couple of weeks. It feels like such a long time ago since we were in school together.

What have you been doing to keep busy? We've been busy at my house building a climbing frame/slide for Max. The instructions said it would take 4 hours...4 days more like! I've also been doing a bit more gardening as well and have also been trying to cook some different meals and bake some treats (when I can get hold of flour and eggs!) Miss Thomas has been busy looking after and keeping her little girl entertained too!

We hope that you have found out some interesting facts about the Anglo Saxons and the Vikings? Did any of you write your Myth? At school we are looking in to ways that we can communicate whilst we are apart. It would be lovely if at some point you can show us some of the things that you've been up to. We'll keep you updated as to how we can possibly do this soon.

For now, we'll just upload a few links to documents that might be useful over the Easter break. As it's the holidays for the next two weeks they are fun activities that you can choose to do. The ones attached below are just some ideas that were found online. However, there are sooooo many things online that can inspire you to get creative either on your own or with members of your household.

We'll add more to our page soon, so check back again next week.

For now take care and make sure you have plenty of fun (and chocolate)!

Happy Easter to you and your families 

Mrs Dunwoody and Miss Thomas xx


Links to Easter activities

Remember these are optional ideas for the holidays.

File icon: pdf easter-egg-mosaic-activity.pdf [pdf 78KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf lks2-activity-card-1.pdf [pdf 634KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf wellbeing-lks2.pdf [pdf 92KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf the-easter-story-word-mat.pdf [pdf 543KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf the-easter-story-retell.pdf [pdf 299KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf the-easter-story.pdf [pdf 3MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf lks2-activity-card-2.pdf [pdf 320KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf lks2-activity-card-3.pdf [pdf 135KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf lks2-activity-card-4.pdf [pdf 133KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf lks2-scavenger-hunt.pdf [pdf 149KB] Click to download

How are you all doing?!                   Thursday 26th March

A big HELLO - or ?Hola? from Mrs Dunwoody and Miss Thomas! (I need to work out how to do upside down question marks!)

We are hoping that you are all well and getting on ok at home. Both of us have been in school this week helping out with some of the children that have been in. It's very strange without you all - and we are missing you. 

How are the home learning packs going? We know that we haven't covered everything in there and so it can be tricky working out how to do some of it, especially in maths. Just try your best and remember you can ask a parent or another relative in your house for help - or even ask your parents and get on a video call to ask each other for support. It's important to keep in touch with each other and check on how people are getting on. Don't worry if you can't do something or just can't undertstand it. There will be time to look at it in the future. 

Websites that our school are recommending for home learning resources are...

Hamilton Trust

Classroom Secrets


For now try to make the most of this lovely weather - remember getting into your garden or going for a walk or jog will help not only your physical health, but also will make you feel so much happier too! Mrs Dunwoody and Max have been doing the Joe Wicks PE lessons on Youtube each day. Remember you don't have to do them at 9am if it  doesn't fit in with you, we've done them at different times of the day. I'll try and get a picture of us soon!  The workouts have definitely helped with releasing some energy whilst being couped up in the house.

Miss Thomas is checking that Times Tables Rockstars is up to date for you. There are loads of maths games online that are great for times tables - you could even have a go at creating your own times tables songs that you could teach us when we get back to school. Some maths that would be really useful to learn would be to learn to tell the time! This will be a valuable life skill- you always need to be able to tell the time. Also, why not continue to learn about measure and start to look at weight? If you have scales in the house you can weigh and compare things or even have a go at cooking and baking (if you can get the right ingredients)! 

It's a shame that we've had to pause our mythical story writing. I was really enjoying hearing about your heroes and all those scary monsters! Perhaps you could write your own at home? You could perhaps do one part of the story a day or every other day? Remember Billy Bob Buttons said how long it takes to create an amazing story....well now you definitely have time! I'll really look forward to reading any that are completed at some point!

Hopefully you've been able to investigate the Anglo Saxons and the Vikings. If you have any recycling at home, see what there is and if any of it could be used to make any Roman/ Anglo Saxon/ Viking items! You could have a go at making the Roman shield that you designed in class, or you could design a viking longboat. 

Finally, try to make use of this time to read of any books that you have at home. Or use the internet to research things of interest. Try to do things that you don't normally find the time for, it's great learning a new skill and we'd love to hear all about it when we see you! You could even teach Miss Thomas and I something!

We will keep updating the page with news and ideas, so check back soon.

Take care,

Mrs Dunwoody and Miss Thomas xx





Spring Term 2020

Home Reading

We want to encourage all of our children to enjoy and engage with books and reading and we ask you to support this process through our Home Reading Scheme. Children have the opportunity to use books from school or home and their progress needs to be recorded in their planners. Reading will be monitored in school throughout the week so it is important for children to have their reading books in school. It would be helpful if you were able to ask questions about what has been read to check comprehension skills (see planners for ideas).


PE takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday. We will be doing hockey and dance so both indoor and outdoor kits will be required. Please take them home each week to be washed. Year 4 will also continue their swimming sessions on a Monday morning. 


Our topic for this half term is ‘Invaders’. We will be planning learning opportunities that link to as many areas of the curriculum as possible.


We are studying Mythical stories. Our class book is Beowulf, which will provide a stimulus. We will use this to find out about key features of myths before writing our own.

Geography and History

Whilst studying Invaders, we will be looking at atlases and maps to locate where people invaded from and how Britain was affected at the time.


Our focus is the Trinity, looking at symbolism in art to help to understand the Trinity and we'll be looking at how Christians show their belief about God. 


We will be studying Roman mosaics, planning and creating our own.


We will be continuing our journey through the Charanga programme of music. 


Pupils will learn to introduce themselves, count to 10 and use basic greetings.


We will be using the Internet to research different subjects and will be developing skills in coding using Scratch.


Topics will include;

making sure that children are confident in 2, 5, 10, 3, 4 times tables, progressing on to learning 6 and 8 times tables

securing knowledge in place value up to 3 or 4 digits

multiplying 2 or 3 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers using partitioning, then moving on to written methods
solve problems involving multiplication and division
measure, compare, add and subtract lengths
measure the perimeter of 2d shapes
recognise and use fractions as numbers
find fractions of a set of objects
count up and down in tenths, recognise that tenths come from dividing an object into ten equal parts
recognise and show equivalent fractions with small denominators
add and subtract fractions with the same denominator
It would be helpful if you could work with your child on times tables and also telling the time on an analogue clock.


The children are invited to create their own project about Romans, Anglo Saxons or Vikings. Children can include information, pictures and models to support their project. We will be sending home spellings on Thursdays, tests also on a Thursday. Remember Times Tables Rockstars too!

Thank you for your continued support

Mrs. Dunwoody and Miss. Thomas

File icon: odt Year 4 Long Term Plans for the website.odt [odt 19KB] Click to download