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Welcome to Picasso Class

Mrs Dunwoody, Mrs Thomas, Mrs Furnish and Mrs Simpson welcome you to our class.

Please see below for the long term plan for the coming year.

A Warm welcome


Wishing you all a warm welcome to the new school year.

Home Reading

We want to encourage all of our children to enjoy and engage with books and reading and we ask you to support this process through our Home Reading Scheme. Children have the opportunity to use books from school or home and their progress needs to be recorded in their planners. Reading will be monitored in school throughout the week so it is important for children to have their reading books in school. It would be helpful if you were able to ask questions about what has been read to check comprehension skills (see planners for ideas).



We have P.E. on Mondays and Thursdays. This half term is gymnastics and invasion, so an indoor and outdoor kit is required. Children should have a white T-shirt, black/navy shorts/bottoms and a pair of pumps/trainers (for outdoor). Football kits are not allowed. Please make sure that PE kits are in a bag and all items are clearly named. Just a reminder that our school policy clearly states no jewellery, for safety reasons.



Our topic for this half term is ‘Who were the Vikings?’ We will be planning learning opportunities that link to the Vikings in as many areas of the curriculum as possible.


We are studying Myths and Legends, including Beowolf and will also be looking at information texts about the Vikings.


Our topics are ‘Rocks and Soils’ and ‘States of Matter’.  

Geography and History

Whilst studying the Vikings, we will be looking at what settlements are and finding out about different settlements linked to the Vikings.


Our topic this half term is ‘New Beginnings’.


Our focus is ‘Belief in the Community’, where we will be looking at what it means to belong to a group through stories and research into symbols, artefacts and rites of passage.


We will be drawing, painting and printing, with a focus on how to create facial expressions!


There is a BBC radio series about the Viking gods that will teach different skills by retelling stories through song.  


Pupils will be introduced to basic key classroom phrases, then will learn to introduce themselves and their families.


We will be using the Internet to research different subjects and will be developing skills in coding using Scratch.


Topics will include;

making sure that children are confident in 2, 5, 10, 3, 4 times tables, progressing on to learning 6 and 8 times tables

securing knowledge in place value up to 3 or 4 digits

  • read and write numbers to 1000 un numerals and words
  • round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000
  • round decimals with 1 decimal place to the nearest whole number
  • read Roman numerals to 100
  • order numbers to 1000 or beyond 1000
  • partition numbers
  • 10/100/1000 more or less than given numbers
  • count forward and back – to include negative numbers
  • solve number problems involving the above

It would be helpful if you could work with your child on times tables and also telling the time on an analogue clock.



The children are invited to create their own project about The Vikings. Children can include information, pictures and models to support their project. We will be sending home spellings on Thursdays, tests also on a Thursday. We will also be setting focussed maths homework on a Monday, on Abacus Active Learn or a paper based task.


Thank you for your continued support



Mrs. Dunwoody, Miss. Thomas, Miss. Simpson and Mrs. Furnish