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Alongside reading, which should take place every night, the children will also be given spellings to learn weekly. Spellings will be tested on a Monday and new spellings will be set every Monday. It is important that the children have their planners in school everyday so that they are able to stick in their spellings and use them throughout the week.

To help them learn their spellings, they will be given short homework tasks which must be completed and handed in on Mondays. Those children who have completed all their homework every week of the term will earn themselves an extra play time in the last week of term. 

Maths homework

One piece of maths homework will be set each week, whether this be an Abacus maths activity or a paper activity that relates to what has been learnt in class that week. This will be set on Fridays and will be due in the next Friday. 

The children will focus on a certain times table each week; this will be noted in planners and it would be helpful if they could continue to practise these at home too. Please see the internet pages site on this page for links that can help with this. 

Children will be given Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFs) each half term which they should try and learn to help them develop their mathematics. 

15.9.17 Picasso Class Homework

Get together some ideas for a healthy snack you will finish inventing next week with the idea of it being created for a rider of the Tour of Britain. You will be using this snack to write instructions for how it is made.

You might like to research ideas of existing healthy snacks, create a product name for your snack, do a drawing of what your product looks like or just write notes for what you might include in your product next week.

It is not essential that you do lots of work for this but it will help you if you can so you have an idea of what you might like to create and ingredients you might use. We will invent these products in our English lesson on Wednesday so please have your ideas jotted down for Wednesday 20th September.

Ideas to get you started: a fruit smoothie, salsa with healthy dips, fruit bars.