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Making Phonics Fun!



Below is a list of fun phonics activities you may like to do with your child. Sharing lots of lovely books is the best way to instil a love of reading.

  • ‘Spooky Sounds!’ turn off the lights. Take it in turns to shine a torch on each letter for the other to say the sound it makes (making scary faces too!).


  • Letters on toy vehicles (use post-it notes). Have a race…which sound is faster?


  • Bath crayons- draw letters all over the bath for the next visitor to sound out!


  • Foam letters in the bath- Use mini nets to fish out the correct letter sound.


  • Phonics games on IPad/Kindle- See list of recommended APPs below:

Mr Thorne Does Phonics: Letters and Sounds

Pocket Phonics

Kids ABC phonics

There are loads of free apps, just search ‘Phonics, letters and sounds’

  • Chalking letter sounds on the ground for the neighbours to read. (Lol)


  • Salt dough/play dough roll out, use tools to write letters, cover with dough


  • Nerf gun letter blast shoot letters pinned to things around the house / garden



  • Good old magnetic letters on the fridge!

Mr Thorne’s pronunciation of letter sounds




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