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Welcome to Reception (Parton Class) with Mrs Cowley, Mrs Dixon, Mrs Nothard.

The Reception Year is an exciting time for children and also one of the most important. At Westwoodside Church of England Primary Academy your child will begin their journey of learning important life skills, such as reading and writing, in a stimulating, caring environment amongst new found friendships! Throughout the day children receive a mixture of adult-led teaching and independent learning time.


Learning Areas (Continual Provision)

Our stimulating Indoor Reception area is divided into different areas for independent learning. These include:

  • Writing / reading / phonics areas
  • Numeracy area
  • Role-play area
  • Construction and Small World areas
  • Creative areas (painting, mark, small model making)
  • Fine motor areas (cutting, sticking, dough area)
  • Technology/ investigation / listening area (instruments, computer area)
  • Reflection area


The children are encouraged to independently explore all of these areas and access the resources and challenges that are provided for them. We also have an exciting outdoor quad that is accessible to the children throughout the day. These areas include:


  • Mark making / recording areas
  • Outdoor reading area
  • ‘Pop up’ role-play areas
  • Wet / dry sand and water investigation areas
  • Mud Kitchen / Digging area
  • Guinea pig care
  • Woodwork bench
  • Exploration / large model making
  • PE games and activities



Adult Led Teaching


The adult-led teaching sessions that children participate in include: Literacy, Phonics, Numeracy, Phonics, PE, Art/Music and Science.

This year possible themes for each half-term are as follows:

  • Autumn Term: Super Me and My Family / Colours and Festivals
  • Spring Term: Winter around the World / Spring Plants and Animals
  • Summer Term: Life Cycles / Summer and Holidays


Other topics will also be covered following the children’s interests and special events.



Recording Learning

In Reception the children will engage in a wide variety of learning experiences through practical hands on activities, role play and basic skills. Your child will use books to record their learning in English/Phonics, Maths and a group floor book for topic related work.

Staff will closely observe, engage and extend the children’s learning throughout the day and capture learning moments through photographs/videos and comments. Using the Tapestry online learning journal, you will receive regular emails of your child’s progress throughout the year.


Times of a typical day in Reception:


Focused Learning Time 1: Whole Class Phonics Input


Phonics group activities                                           (PE sessions 9:00-10.00 Wednesday and Thursdays)


Continuous Provision (Objective led planning) 


Act of Worship


Focused Learning Time 2: Whole Class Numeracy Input and ativities


Show and Share / Guided reading 


Lunch in hall / Playtime in Foundation garden


Learning Time 3: Whole class Topic related Input 


Continuous provision / topic floor books 


Share and review / Brain break 


Carpet session: (1:1 reading) story, song/dance, home time


The Curriculum

At our school we follow the ‘Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage’ (EYFS). It sets standards that ensure children learn and develop well and are kept healthy and safe. At the end of the year the children’s development is assessed against a set of early learning goals. We will complete a profile for your child to indicate whether children are meeting expected levels of development, or if they are exceeding expected levels, or not yet reaching expected levels (‘emerging’).

For more information about the EYFS click here .



Reading Books

In Reception the children will bring home at least two reading books per week. One will be a reading book for them to read to you (It may be a picture book to begin with) and the other maybe a ‘choosing book’ for you to read to them.

Your child will be given a reading book with words when they are at the stage of blending sounds together in words to read them. Please also still encourage your child to retell the story in their own words through looking at the pictures.

We recommend listening to your child read little and often. Just a few minutes every night is much more effective than a long period once a week. Remember to sign and date your child’s reading diary when you have read with them.


Home /school Phonics Book (Red)

Your child will have a phonics book to practice the letters and sounds of the week in. They may also practice mark making, words and sentences. 


Home Challenge Book (Yellow)

Each weekend your child will be set a fun challenge to complete with you, relating to an area of their learning.


Parents as Partners

You are your child’s first educator and we enjoy building partnerships with parents throughout the year. Parent’s meetings are planned throughout the school year but you are always welcome to arrange informal meetings with your child’s class teacher after school at any time. 


If you have any queries please contact the school and staff will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Mrs Cowley is available to meet with parents at the end of the school day.

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