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Welcome to  Monet Class


Mr McKay, Mrs Seaman and Mrs Simpson

Please see below for our long term learning plan for the new school year.  

Autumn term 2018    Mr McKay's class

In Literacy we are exploring the motivations behind characters’ actions through reading texts about Robin Hood. We will be analysing the structure and language features of texts and creating our own fictional narrative from the viewpoint of a character. During the second part of the term, we will be examining journalistic writing. Having noted the key features of these texts, we will then write our own news reports.

In Numeracy during the first half term, we are studying: number and place value; mental multiplication and division; decimals, percentages and their equivalence to fractions. Later in the term, we will be adding and subtracting numbers both mentally and by using written methods. We will also be investigating fractions, ratio and proportion.

Our Geography based topic is ‘South America’. We will be finding out about the human and physical features of the continent and its countries.

In Art we will be creating pencil sketches and paintings inspired by the work of Georgia O’Keefe, and designing our own computerised art work based on the ideas of Paul Klee. In P.E. We are playing Football, Hockey and Netball. We will be developing our passing, shooting and dribbling skills in these team games.

Our ICT work involves using the internet effectively in order to research information and to create our own PowerPoint presentations related to our topic. The main computing theme is designing, writing and debugging programmes.

Our Science topic, from the start of term, is ‘Electricity’. We will be constructing series circuits using different components such as bulbs, buzzers, motors and switches. We will be learning how to represent a circuit in a diagram using recognised symbols. During the second half of term, we will be studying ‘All living things’. This will involve classifying animals into broad groups such as vertebrates and invertebrates.

We will be rehearsing and practising for our Christmas production with Year 5 towards the end of the term.