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Welcome to  Monet Class


Mr McKay, Mrs Seaman and Mrs Simpson

Please see below for our long term learning plan for the new school year.  

               Spring term    Mr McKay's class

In History this term, we are studying the Ancient Greeks. We will be finding out about: the main city states of Athens and Sparta; fearsome hoplite soldiers; and their impressive triremes (ships). We are also exploring their legacy and how many of their ideas are used today.

In Art we will be producing collages of running shoes – linked to our science topic on healthy living. In P.E. we will be practising more advanced balances and sequences in Gymnastics. After half term, we are developing our skills in net/wall games such as badminton and tennis.

In Literacy we are exploring key features of a variety of fiction genres. We will be reading and writing texts with an historical setting that connect with our own experiences. We will also be studying and writing texts in both a formal and informal style. This will include planning and enacting role-plays.

In Numeracy we are: exploring decimals, percentages and their equivalence to fractions, ratio and proportion; solving problems using written methods for long multiplication and division; exploring the properties of shapes; identifying factors, multiples and prime numbers; solving real life word problems involving decimal numbers.

Our ICT work involves using the internet effectively in order to research information for our topics throughout the term. We shall also be using sequences and repetition in programs.

In Science we will be looking at how we see things and investigating how light travels, including investigating how it can be reflected. After half term, we will be finding out about the circulatory system, the organs of the body and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Our Design and Technology project is to design and make a Greek temple.

Mrs Simpson and Mrs Earley work with individual and groups of children in Reading and Maths.