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Year 6 have been exploring ultimate questions in Christianity and other faiths. We finished our unit of work by writing poems about what we think life is about.

Loving family
Should I?


Bucket list

Should I?

Caring Friends

Have I?


Keeping the human race going

Should I?

Living life to the fullest

Have I?

Not yet, 

Should I?

Yes, everyone should,

Life is having fun

Life is being loved

Life is being confident

Life is leaving a mark

Life is being positive

Life is a bucket list

of all the opportunities to come


Life is living in the moment

Life is making the most of it

Life is living it to the fullest

Life is family and friends.

An ember of good of kindness

Turns to..

A flame.. a flame of hope

Hope for people to look for 

in the void of hatred

A rendez-vouse for those lost in war

somebody to lift the blind fold

let them see

Somebody to ope the curtains

somebody to help

somebody who cares

an ember of kindness turns to a flame of hope

Life is a cycle

some good things,some bad

we have family and friends

who we make memories with

Life is half a bucket list

you complete your main desires but some are still to finish

The main questions in life are the ones you want to know

But since life has a limit...

only a few can be accomplished

life is a wonderful gift for you and me.

What is life

Having fun


Trusting people





Living it up


Friends and family




Bucket list



Take care of our earth

What is life about?

Life is love

Life is respect

Life is friendship

Life is happiness

Life is fun

Life is compassion

I think about life

What is it?

I think.

Shall I make a bucket list?

I think

What is life?

I think

Are my friends and family there for me?

I think

Do I give to other people?

I think

Do I need responsibilities?

I think

Do I take responsibilities?

I think

Do I live life to the fullest?

I think

But then I realise it is true.

What is life about we say

A question we are faced with everyday

We sometimes feel that life's a race

But in the end we go at our own pace.

To start new revolutions

put an end to plastic pollution

To make the most of what we can

To mrember and think of all we have

To find our feet and where we belong

Hopefully we'll not be left out too long.

Life is a long journey

Every minute counts

Life is a long journey

Leaving a mark, making a difference

Life is a long journey

Living it to the fullest

Life is a long journey

Accepting every opportunity

Lifes is a long journey

Live it and love it

Lifes is  a long journey 

Take it as it comes.


Deeper, deeper, back into my

Traumatising haunts.

Deep in the depths of the

Musty, murky, monstrous, green sea

I see no illumination.

The abandoned shipwrecks

are my comfort zones.

They are my hunting grounds:

They always end up in a

Wreckage mess.

One after the other eliminated.

Between the sky and

The sea is my only clearance.


I slither stealthily like torpedo

Shaped like a water snake,

The scallywag of the seas.

Heftily, I can move as

Quick as I desire.

Fish needn’t be defiant

When I’m hunting in these waters.

But do I really belong here?


Continuously stalking, ambushing

My prey,

As hunger slithers and crawls into

My veins, like a

Restless, relentless reptile

Stealthily moving along.

Deep in carnivorous thoughts

I satisfy my hunger,

Tear, rip, gnaw, gulp,

My weak, mindless, gullible

Prey being shredded by my

Knife-like teeth.


If I were the king of the seas,

(which I will be soon)

I would demand less

Loneliness because

Despite my uncontrollable

Aggression, my heart

Seeks a friend.




Ellen and Rubi

I see beauty and art,

It's like it's been painted.

I feel small

I see a rose of beautiful stars

It reminds me of a rainbow.

I wonder what they're making.

I want to say it's wondrous and beautiful but that does not do it justice.



by Ewan


It's like camel skin and humps.

I want to say, 'How was that made?'

It is like you are on the path and it is amazing!

I makes me think I want to go to all these places.

It's like I am just one of the little things in the world.




by Jess & Libby


I see a wonderful galaxy with beautiful coloured clouds

It's like a never ending fire

It wonder what it's made of

It reminds me of kinetic sand that someone has just used their hands to shape.


Care for the world guide

by Macey

God has just given you an earth. you need to care for it. Here is an amazing guide of 'How to take care of an Earth'.

First you need to think how you would want to be treated, you would usually want respect and caring so give that to your world.

Make crops, treat your animals fairly, help the people and animals who are hurt the most (physically and emotionally). Learning new things is very important too. Make schools, hospitals, vets, secondary schools, colleges, universities etc. Teach people and make sure habitats are safe and not many trees are cut.

If everyone is happy, god is happy. if someone is hurt god won't be as happy. Recycle things that can be re-used - when you're building make sure to keep animals safe. Help the people and the animals who are less fortunate like the disabled and elderly.

How to look after the world

by Cameron

You have to not throw litter because this can cause environmental damage to the world and nature around us. You have to be careful with God's creation such as plants and trees etc. You have to take care of God's animals and nature because they are not to be tormented or put in circuses. They are to be looked after and cherished or let out in the wild to be free.

You need to be careful how you step outside and inside or you might crack God's beloved earth. If you are drilling make sure you are drilling into the ground very carefully and don't hurt it. Every time you hurt the ground you hurt God. The reason why God made us is because he thinks we can take care of the earth in our own way , a nice way that he likes as well.