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Autumn 2: What are we learning about in Mondrian Class this half term? 


Phonics / Literacy (English)


Understanding of the World

Expressive Arts and Design

Diary Dates / Special events




Review Phase 2

f, ff l, ll ss b


Text: Billy Goats Gruff




Length and Height

How tall am I?

Who/What is taller/shorter?

How to stay safe (in the dark)


Making Jelly / eating Ice-cream


Bonfire Night

Stone patterns (for our treasure hunt)


Cutting wood- lengths


Exploring gloop!

Tuesday 31st October

-Nurses visit- Heights and weights

-PCSO Lynda Dyke visiting- ‘Keeping Safe’


Thursday 2nd November

-Early Reading Parents Meeting- 2.45pm (Flexi room…again!)

-PTA Disco 4.30-5.30pm (school hall)




Start Phase 3

h, j, v, w


Text: Captain Flynn and the Pirate Dinosaurs







Full, half full, empty

Where do I live?

What is nearby?

Can we find / visit the park, shop?


Look at our beautiful world

Tea bag treasure maps

Decorate treasure bags



Wrap treasure boxes


Thursday 9th November

Local Treasure Hunt (walk around the Village)

Nursery and Reception walk to park/ shop to collect treasure!

*Please see Mrs Cowley if you can support us on the walk- we need lots of helpers!*


Friday 10th November

Remembrance Service




Phase 3

x, y, z, zz, qu


Text: Creation Story

Numbers and Place Value

Chant to 20, 100

1:1 counting

Count in sets

Children in Need Week-

How do children live around the world?


How / Who made our world?

Creation artwork

Drawing, colouring, painting


Woodwork models

Friday 17th November

Children in Need day




Phase 3

sh, ch, th, ng


Text: Creation Story


Geometry: Shape


3D / 2D shapes

Can we find shapes around us?


What do Christians believe about how our world was made?

Creation artwork


Shape pictures


Katie Mead- visiting Nursery and Reception to introduce ‘Bagful of Stars’ book(Date TBC)




Phase 3

ai, ee, ie, igh, oa


Text: Bagful of Stars



Review days of week


Months of year

Living Oceans (Bagful of Stars)


Who / what lives in the North pole?

North Pole art and crafts

Thursday 30th November

Christmas Fayre (3.30pm Village hall)


Friday 1st December

Pond Lights switch on (7pm)





Phase 3

oo, ar, or, oo (uh)


Text: Bagful of Stars


Recognise coins


The Christmas story

Who is Jesus? When / where was he born?



Christmas cards/ calendars


Tuesday 5th / Wednesday 6th December

Nursery and Reception Christmas Performance

Bagful of Stars- 11.15 am (in classrooms)


Thursday 7th December

Bagful of Stars concert- at Scunthorpe




Phase 3

Revisit or, ar, ow, ur


Text: The Christmas story


Role play buying and selling

Possible visit to the Nisa shop to buy a Christmas treat

Christmas cards/ calendars


Tuesday 12th December

Rosie Scotting visit- present Bumble Bee book


Wednesday 13th December

Christmas dinner




Phase 3

oi, er, air, ear


Perform Christmas songs and Carols

Number and Place value

Matching numbers to written words

Count on and back

One more /less

+ - = signs

Christmas themes and celebrations


How is Christmas celebrated around the world?



Making and creating for our Christmas party

Tuesday 19th December

Reception party- 1.30pm


Last day of term 19.11.17