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Welcome to Spring 1 (Letter- overview of learning)

Monday 7th January 2019

Spring Term in Reception (Mondrian Class)

Welcome back and Happy New Year! We can't wait to see all of the children and hear about all the fun you have had over the Christmas period. We have an action packed Spring term in 2019 planned ahead!

Our focus this half term is ‘Winter.’ Learning through play the children will experience:

The sensory igloo- with a variety of white winter objects to explore, count and sort

Cold messy trays- with 'frozen' creatures and 'icebergs' to touch and observe melting

Play dough area- making 'ice creams and lollipops' to sell in our snack shack

Winter related art and crafts- the children's interpretation of Winter!

Dressing up- as a Frozen princess or a superhero to save the frozen planet!

Computers and books- to research cold places around the world / Arctic animals/ Northern lights

Talking- about cold experiences and places we have been to

Snack time- preparing and tasting a selection of warm and cold winter snacks (e.g soup and ice lollies!)

We will also be celebrating Pancake day, Chinese New Year and other world festivals/ foods celebrated during Winter. If any parents or carers would like to come into school to share any experiences, cooking or crafts with the children you are more than welcome, please pop in to see Mrs Cowley.

We are also learning about 'Heroes who help us':

Dressing up as superheroes to 'save the world!'

Starting to act out and write 'Helicopter Superhero stories'

Inviting our Superheroes (mummies, daddies, grandparents) into class to share experiences with us.

Sharing 'Supertato' stories and re-enacting the 'crime scenes!'

We will continue to have daily carpet sessions focusing on:

Phonics- consolidating Phase 3 letters and sounds, tricky words and captions before starting Phase 4

English- sharing big books as well as a range of stories and non fiction texts

Independent mark making /writing to music (in books using pencils)

Guided reading- sessions once a week, as well as 1:1 reading to an adult

Maths- counting / ordering numbers, introducing money, problem solving, 3D shapes, height/ length / weights

Please continue to support your child by:

Sharing your child's reading book with them at least 3x a week

Completing weekly phonics / maths challenges with your child (including Abacus online activities)

Talking to them about their school day and share photos uploaded onto Tapestry

Upload your own photos onto Tapestry of activities your child enjoys outside school (the children love sharing these!!)

Thank you for your continued support

Mrs Cowley