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Spring 2: What Are We Learning About in Mondrian Class?

Spring 2 Theme: 'Growing and Staying Healthy'

Below is a brief overview of weekly activities and diary dates


Week 1 & 2- Supertato stories! Growing seeds and vegetables

English- Crime scenes- speech bubbles, wanted posters, letters to 'Supertato and the Evil Pea!'

Maths- counting / lining up/ grouping peas! Matching quantities to numerals. Number bonds to 10.

Money- introducing coins- discuss, compare, order, role play 'buying' in green grocers

Creative- making 'supertatoes' and 'evil peas'.

painting vegetables and scenes from the Supertato stories

Fine motor- slicing / dicing potatoes, peeling / boiling and mashing potatoes

using tweezers/straws to pick up peas, drawing eyes, sorting and squishing peas!

Topic / Floor book focus- which vegetables can we grow outside?

PSHE- Healthy eating / planting vegetable seeds in our quad area.


Thursday 1st March- World Book Day- dress up as a character from their favourite story


Friday 2nd March- Parent Open Morning- Reading Focus

Parents are welcome to come into class to observe a shared reading session, based around the theme of 'the Gruffalo' story



Week 3 & 4- Julia Donaldson stories. What grows in the woods?

English- Share, compare and act out Julia Donaldson stories

Write labels, words and Julia Donaldson helicopter stories

Maths- Gruffalo addition and subtraction. Using a number line to find more/less.

Creative- Gruffalo related craft activities

Fine motor skills- cutting and sticking, lacing / threading

Topic/Floor book focus- what can we find (growing) in Lawson's woods?


Thursday 8th March- 'Skip for life' session in hall.



Week 4 & 5- Baby Animals / Easter story. What do baby animals need to grow?

English- Sharing animal stories and information books

Write about baby animals and the Easter story

Maths- Learning about time and direction.

Creative/Fine motor skills- Easter related crafts

Topic/Floor book focus- How / what do baby animals need to grow?


Friday 23rd March- visit to Boston Park Farm


Daily Phonics Sessions- (See new green phonics books and sound/word mats at back)

Practise recognition and recall of Phase 2 and 3 graphemes.

Practise reading and spelling High Frequency words and sentences. Practise writing sentences.

  • Give the sound when shown any phase 2 or 3 grapheme

  • Find any phase 2 or phase 3 grapheme, from a display, when given the sound

  • Be able to blend and read words containing adjacent consonants

  • Be able to segment and spell words containing adjacent consonants

  • Read words some, one, said, come, do, so, were, when, have, there, out, like, little, what

  • Spell the tricky words he, she, we, me, be, was, my, you, her, they, all, are

  • Write each letter usually correctly.