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The Ice Challenge!

Lots of fun was had trying to melt the ice that had frozen over in the Foundation garden water tray! The children knew the ice was a solid and used lots of different methods to change it back into liquid water, including rubbing it, breaking it and adding warm water...which worked the quickest!

Icky Sticky Cornflour

The cornflour mixed with water intrigued the children as it changed from a liquid to a solid as they held it in their hands! Strange stuff!

Popping Bubbles

After having so much fun popping lots and lots of bubbles the children in Foundation talked about how the liquid soap turned into bubbles as air was blown into the the bubbles were popped the children felt the liquid soap pop on their finger! 

Melting Chocolate

We decided to make Gruffalo crispy buns as part of our science changes day, as the day before we celebrated a Gruffalo themed world book day. We talked about how the chocolate melts when it is heated and then turns back into a solid again when it has cooled! As a group we decided that an adult should use the microwave to carefully melt the chocolate and then putting the buns in the fridge would help them to cool quicker....perfectly ready for our afternoon snack!