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Welcome to Matisse Class

 Mrs Wilson and Mrs Fordham


The Spring Term in Year 1 has proved very exciting. We are all enjoying learning about the Great Fire of London. We have not only been learning lots of historical facts about the fire, but we have been linking our literacy, Design and Technology, Art and I. C. T. subjects into the topic.

We have painted silhouettes of the fire and learned how to blend colours using water and paint.

 We have worked in pairs to make Tudor style houses from cardboard, lolly sticks, match sticks and straw. We have followed instructions to make Tudor style finger puppets, which include important people like Samuel Pepys and King Charles.

Last week we took part in the Great Fire of London Bake Off!!!!! We made delicious plain and raisin scones. Yet again we followed a recipe and we used our I pads to take photographs of the different steps to make successful scones.

Next week we are looking forward to making fire engines from cereal boxes and learning about how firefighting has changed over time.

We are looking forward to presenting our work to parents at our special Great Fire of London exhibition at the end of Term.

File icon: docx Y1 LTP 17-18 [docx 21KB] Click to download