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Our Work

Check back here for examples of our work.#

There will be great writing, Art and possibly even videos of what we are up to.

A modal verb poem by Eva (Y5)

I can do my homework

I could do my homework

I may do my homework

I might do my homework

I must do my homework

I shall do my homework

I will do my homework

I would do my homework… but the dog ate it…

I ought to do my homework!


There once was a little bird like creature named Wing, he lived in a big tree in the forest, but sadly he only had one wing. Also, in the forest lived the crow people, they were big, mean, scary birds and had no respect for little Wing. One day, Wing went out for a little stroll, he started to play his recorder, not knowing the crow people were flying above, they flew down and landed in front of him, the crow people didn’t like Wing he was disabled, he was…different. The crow people snatched Wing’s recorder off him, Wing ran home. One of the crows tried to play it but it just made a screeching noise, they threw it on the ground and flew away. Wing was upset, he wanted to fly, he wanted to be like other birds, so he built a catapult! And replaced where there was no wing with a fake wing and launched himself into the sky. He felt amazing he was flying, for the first time in his life he was flying, but then, he fell, away from the stars, away from the sky THUMP! Wing woke up to a crow person holding him THUMP! The crow person dropped him, a sweet noise is playing, it’s a girl, the girl led the crow people away PUFF! Wing hears a noise, so he goes into the forest, he finds the girl sitting down playing his recorder the crow people ripped her wing off, she gives the recorder to Wing. Ohno! The crow people are coming, Wing drops the recorder and grabs the girls hand, they flapped and flapped, and they flew. The crow people broke the recorder, whilst Wing and the girl flew into the sunset.


“We are, each of us angels with only one wing; and we can only fly by embracing one another.”


                                                  -Luciano de Crescenzo   


By Alanna

Age 9- Kandinsky Class.                          


The Winter King

By Priya year 5

Chapter 1

Mark stomped through his winter wonder land or shall I say winter worry land. He passed shivering families and grinned. “sorry you’re not cold enough Ill sort that out. HA! HA!”   So in a blink of an eye the whole family were in giant ice cubes.

Chapter 2

He carried on walking doing a ferocious laugh. But a streak of sun came beaming round the Corner and then a lady wit golden hair in a golden cloak appeared…

Chapter 3

“SISTER?” He shouted to the humbled lady (The light Queen). They were long lost brothers and sister’s also mortal Enemies.

Chapter 4

They started shooting each other with their powers and somehow the ice king took his jaunty hat of and hit summer his sister with it to freeze her but she kept dodging it, but then the ice king got her, this meant the whole earth would freeze soon…

Chapter 5

He circled his sister but didn’t realise the ice was burning of off her slowly…

To be continued…

Mother Bear by Oliver. Year 5

The Bear’s mother was perfect at catching fish but when Friday 13th April 2018 came, she made a mistake.


It started with an ordinary day and mother bear was taking her cubs out to teach them how to catch fish. It was then that she made the mistake. She missed the fish! The cubs remembered that and from that day on they could never catch fish properly for the rest of their lives but an unlucky date couldn’t have done this, could it? No, I guess not, so what was it? Let’s find out! Lots of other people were having unlucky days too. Professional bakers were getting their recipes wrong, carpenters were forgetting what to do with their wood and a tiger had forgotten how to eat! It was all very weird. People were trying to find out what was causing this and why on this particular date? After years of research they finally found the answer.


Bad luck fish! A new species of fish that only come out on certain days in certain years! They were in the bakers’ bakes and the carpenters’ ponds. In the lion’s stomach because it had eaten something that had eaten a bad luck fish. Mother bear had tried to catch one which is impossible because they are bad luck! So now you know that Friday 13th isn’t an unlucky day unless there are bad luck fish

The Greatest Library

Lucy loves to read, she often spends time at the Library after School, and there was one thing that happened in the Library though, whenever she walked through the door, books would come alive!

She would walk down to her favourite bright blue chair and as soon as she sat down the lamp that was very stern pinged on and then the rest of the lights would follow.


She ran to see if her favourite book ‘Matilda’ was there and if it wasn’t she would go to History books to learn about her class text or learn about her class text in Science but mainly she goes to either Shakespeare or Charles Dickens books. She was called a “Book Worm” at school because she was always adsorbed into a book and when she finishes her book, you can ask her what happened and she would retell the whole story and you would end up sitting there for approximately 6 hours or so!


Lucy could spend her whole life in the Library because she could open up a cookery book and eat the food within it because when you open a book the contents come to life.

It’s like when you read a book about food and then you get really hungry, anyways back to the story.


Lucy never got bored at the Magic Library but she always had to remember that at 8:00 pm the books would fly back to their places then Lucy had ten seconds to get out of the Library before it shut. Lucy looked at her watch it was 7:52, ‘WAIT!’ Lucy looked at her watch again 7:53, as soon as it turned to 7:59 she always left because if she didn’t all the books would come out of their hiding places and the scary, spooky pages came out, ‘BOO!’ I bet I didn’t scare you but it was a nice try.

‘CCREEAKK!’  ‘Wait that wasn’t me.’‘OH, NO LUCY IT’S 8:00 pm!’...


By Olivia Y5

Message in a bottle

He was sat on a small wooden chair when the tide came in. It was time. There had been many bombing raids on the island and now it was time to tell the world. He had written a message on a slip of paper and had stuffed it into a small glass bottle. “Please make it,” He whispered to the bottle “Our lives depend one you.” He launched the bottle into the grey waves, somehow he knew that it would find somebody. He turned round and saw his mansion in ruins.  All of his servants were running around cutting down trees and collecting bricks to construct shelters for themselves and their master. “OK chaps,” the master shouted, “We’ve just got to survive for now.”


A week went by and there was no response to the message, but one day they heard a noise, not the noise of a bombing plane, but a helicopter, a rescue one too. There were two that landed. Everyone clambered on. “Did you get the message?” The master said. “No,” Replied the rescuer “But somebody we rescued did, little fishing boat capsized, found it in his pocket, didn’t we lads.” Amazed at this tale the master sat in silence. They all returned, not home, but to mainland knowing that a tiny glass bottle with a message inside had saved their lives.


By William Year 5