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Year 4 and 5 Homework

Friday 2 November

Your homework this week is online using Abacus. Remember to ask Mr Watson if you forget your password.

Please note I set 3 different abilities like in class- Bronze, Silver and Gold. You do not need to play all 3 games- but you can if you want too!


The writing competition details are still below. Thank you to those children who have already submitted their work.


Rotary International is promoting a NATIONAL YOUNG WRITER COMPETITION

This well established and successful competition is open to all school and college communities, home educated pupils and any other young people’s community organisations.


To produce a written or typed story in prose entitled ‘My Inspiration’ The written entry could be fiction or non-fiction, a story or a poem as long as the piece relates to the theme.


An A4 page or up to 500 hundred words is a suggested suitable submission.


Entries should be the originals and unfortunately they cannot be returned after the competition, therefore we recommend you scan/photocopy your work, so that you have a copy to keep.

There are 3 age groups (ages on 31st August 2018):

  • Junior 7 - 10 years
  • Intermediate 11 - 13 years
  • Senior 14 - 17 years

There are 3 stages to this competition:

Stage 1 (Local Heat) - Scunthorpe Rotary Scunthorpe will read all submissions and award prizes to the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place in each of the 3 age groups. Prizes will include WHSmith vouchers and certificates. The winning entries will be sent on the district heat for judging.


Stage 2 (District Heat) – Winning entries from stage 1 will be judged at the district level competition and one entry per age group will be submitted to the national final.


Stage 3 (National Final) - Winning entries from the district competition will be judged at the national final, with overall winners given appropriate awards.


At all stages of the competition, competitors will receive a certificate of participation.


Spellings 29 October 2018

This week's spellings :


Year 4- words with a shun ending spelt 'sion'.

expansion, extension, comprehension, tension, corrosion, supervision, fusion, conclusion, persuasion, supension.

Year 5 words with silent letters.

doubt, lamb, debt, thumb, solemn, autumn, column, knight, knuckle, knot.