Useful websites

Here is quite a detailed list of websites that may be useful to you- especially while you are at home.

You don't have to access them all- but some you will like- some you wont! Children in Years 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 have logins. lots of maths resources suitable mainly for KS2  Lots of teaching resources, videos and projects from the BBC Computer coding website lots of Computer coding activities, needs parent registration.  Computer coding website. Lots of interactive resources for lots of subjects mainly aimed at KS2 Lots of interactive resources for lots of subjects mainly aimed at KS1 A mix of interactive resources  Lots of worksheets and ideas   Lots of free resources for Literacy and Maths Everyschool provides a one stop shop for parents and children searching for the best free online educational activities and games.     American based website with lots of interactive resources free 14 day trial

Cbeebies Games and more.

BBCbitesize Games, videos, learning tools available for free.

Twinkl Some free resources and home learning packs for each year group.  And you all know how Mr watson feels about this one 

Phonics Play Free phonics resources and games available. To use the resources use the username: march20 and the password: home

Crickweb Free resources and games.

World Book Online Full of free e-books to download and read. The link takes you to a free trial form.

ICT games ICT games to play.

Topmarks Various activities/games for each area.

NRich Maths challenges and problems. Can be used as practical activities or some online game options.

TTRockstars TTRockstars is for mainly the KS2 children. Tests times tables.

Oxford Owl Reading books A full set of age appropriate e-books to read and share.

Childnet Internet safety and digital resourcing advice.

Young Minds For advice and ideas about children’s mental health.

National Geographic Kids Fun facts for learning about the world.

GoNoodle Sign up for free to Go Noodle for fun indoor and outdoor fitness and brain training activities.

Once upon a picture Once upon a picture provides creative writing ideas.

Joe Wicks for children Plenty of physical activities for children, aimed at school aged children.


SpellZone BBC KS2 Science support

Maths Trainer

Get your recall of number bonds and times tables at finger tip readiness by using this trainer on a daily basis.

Link: Bootcamp revision for SATs