Y6W Boseman

Named after Chadwick Boseman. We become resilient and persevere when life gets tough

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Home Learning 20 April 2020

Hello everyone

I hope you had an enjoyable, if quiet Easter break. Thank you to those who messaged me over the holidays, it was great to hear from some of you. Oh and btw- That WhatsApp video you made is great :) Thomas' mum sent me it- I think it's amazing that so many of you are still working together and staying in contact- even if you can't see each other in class.



You will be aware that Mr Grinhaff sent out a link for Google classrooms. Once again thank you to those who have already activated it, and apologies to those who can't. If you haven't please do -as this is where primarily the daily work will be set from Monday 20 April. I'm sorry that I couldn't answer all the technical questions, but it's as new to me as it is for you. I have added a document informing you how to use the website- which hopefully is of some help. The children need to log into Google classrooms themselves and then click on the class link to access the work (which will be uploaded daily) For those who can't access Google, I have also duplicated the work onto a padlet- which I will also link to this email. Click the link and hopefully you will be able to see the work. Once again I can't find a way to allow the children to type directly onto these so please use paper and then mark using the answers provided. This website is currently just a Year 6 trial. We know you are the most confident on computers and we want to see how the trial goes. Then I am going to start working with Year 5 and it "may" cascade through the school.

Click the link below for the Padlet if you cannot access Google Classrooms 


I know these are unusual times, and I thank you all for what you are doing (and your adults), and sticking with this. You are all superstars- and if what I'm reading today is right- WE WILL see each other again soon.

Keep smiling, stay strong and happy

Mr W x


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Year 6: Drake Class. 


Hi everyone, 

As we are entering uncertain times, please continue to check this page.

I will be emailing out work and making contact with all Year 6 children via parent mail. Continue to work  through your home working packs.

Stay safe and speak soon.

Mr Watson x


Tuesday 31 March 2020

Good Morning everyone,

I hope you are still all safe and well, and not feeling too boxed in- parents too!

I just thought I would say hi again, and keep you updated. It seems like ages ago since we said "see you soon". Has it really only been just over a week?

This week would have been the last week before the Easter holidays and we would be thinking about breaking up for Easter. How far from that we are now. Fingers crossed there will be chocolate and celebrations regardless soon. I hope you have been able to enjoy some down time- and quality family time in the last few days. I'm really missing my family, and have been Face timing my Mum and Dad. I wonder if we can do something similar soon? I will have a look at software.


I hope the learning packs are going OK. Remember they were to last the 2 weeks- so don't do it all in one go. You also have the practical tasks and projects to try with an adult. I would love to hear what you have been up to. Adam and Eva replied last time and it was great to hear from them.

There will be no home learning over the 2 weeks scheduled for the Easter holiday. I have added a pobble writing task and a maths investigaton to this email today if you need something different to look at. If you need some paper pop down to school and we can give you an exercise book. Also if you go to the school website at the top of the home page you will see "additional links" There are lots of interactive games you can play. The links are added on a website called Padlet. After the holidays I am going to use that web site to add work for you daily. There will be the day's maths and English as well as other activities. Don't worry about it now, I will add details in a later email. There is also your time tables rock stars and maybe think about recreating what you learnt about Alexander the Great in your own presentation. You could use powerpoint, or word or publisher to make a booklet.

I know it is a scary time, but if we follow the instructions and guidance about staying in, and staying safe this will all pass soon, and hopefully we can be back together again for the end of Year 6 celebrations.


Take care, and speak to you soon


Mr W xx


Year 6 Catch up- Wednesday 25th March 2020

Good morning everybody, 

I hope you are all well.

It's been another unusual week hasn't it? 

School has been unusually quiet, and I must admit a little weird without you all in. Thomas, Oli, Ethan and Ronnie have been here, but I do miss having you all in class. 

How are the learning packs going? Hopefully there is enough work to keep you going. Don't forget what I told you when we left on Friday, use this time to discover something new. Read a book by a new author, watch one of those classic 80's movies we talk about. Anyone seen ET yet? Log into Spotify or Apple Music or Youtube and listen to a classic artist- and fall in live with new music. If you can't think of anyone- ask an adult. Fortunately its nice weather too so get out in the garden and get some vital vitamin D. We were doing some gardening in school yesterday. Who knew Ethan had such green fingers. He's planted lots of new flowers and vegetables for our newly created veg patches.

I'm still working on Watsonory- there are some software and IT issues, but hopefully I will be able to read stories to you soon.

Don't forget if you need anything- just let me know

Anyway, stay safe and I will be in touch again soon.


Mr W xx