Friday 26th June

Hello everyone,

It has been another busy week in school, and too hot to be outside for too long.

I am sorry that we could not have our Zoom meeting on Thursday but I am hoping that we can have a chat at the end of Monday's lesson (as long as we get our work done first!) In Monday's lesson we shall be concentrating on Science and looking again at classification systems. Remember, we were learning about these just before lockdown. If you can have the Science sheets with you at the lesson that would be great. I will also share them on the screen for those who do not have copies. In preparation, start to think about the different ways that we can identify different animals and species.

Next week we shall also be doing some more history and art work.

Well done to those of you who continue to work really hard and who have produced some excellent work again this week. Please keep practising your spellings, handwriting and times tables - these are all very important!

You can contact me via my email

I hope you have a great weekend, stay safe in the heat and I will see you all at Monday's lesson.

Miss Thomson

Friday 12th June

Hello Everyone,

I don’t know about you, but its been a busy week in school. The children have all been busy with their maths and English work and I have helped year 6 with their percentages and ratio work. Its just a shame that the weather has been so poor, as this has stopped us doing some of the planned outdoor activities.

I can see that lots of you are doing the work that I have set, and this is great. I am pleased that you are working to a high standard and that there has been some very good and creative pictures produced for the English task. I am halfway through marking your written prediction work and will return it back to you as soon as I can. Again, this has been of a high standard, so well done and keep it up.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I have posted the following into the class stream:- Next week we shall be doing some PSHCE work around the theme 'What makes you, you?' In Monday's lesson we shall be discussing what makes us unique. In preparation for the lesson, I would like you to think about your beliefs and values, your hopes and dreams as well as your habits and behaviours. Also, your physical features and cultural background will give a fuller picture of who you are. You may want to make a short list to help you. The lesson will be via Zoom at 9.40am on Monday 15th. I have sent login details via parentmail earlier today.

In addition to PSHCE, we shall be doing some work that links to online/internet safety.

Your English will be in the form of a booklet and you will work through this during the week. There will be a story for you to read, comprehension questions to answer, and grammar and vocabulary to work on. You will need to write your own sentences, upscaling them to use the best vocabulary. I know that some of you are not keen on writing, however, it is very important to keep practising as often as possible. Towards the end of the week, the booklet will ask you to plan and then write up your own story.

Before you start worrying about what sounds like a lot of work, please remember that you only have to do a couple of sections each day. Of course, if you feel like you want to do more than two per day, that is fine and will mean that there will be less for you to do towards the end of the week. Just try and pace yourself so that you feel comfortable with the work, and that you give 100% effort, as you would in class.

Again, I will mark and comment on this work once you have completed and handed it in.

So have a good weekend everyone and thank you for contributing to the online lesson discussions and having produced some amazing work this week.

Enjoy your weekend and stay safe

Miss Thomson

Friday 22nd May

Hi Everyone

Here we are on the final day of the half-term; it has all been very different and at times very strange not seeing everyone together in familiar surroundings.  For most of you this time has been spent at home, doing our lessons online and I know that some of you found doing the work challenging at times. But well done on keeping going and doing your best! You should be proud that you have produced some imaginative and detailed pieces of work and I hope you have had chance to look at some of the things that you have done on our class web page.

You will not be set any work during the half-term week – so relax and enjoy that time doing fun activities. I am also not expecting you to submit work and I will only be responding to emails if they are urgent. There will not be an online meeting as it is a holiday week. However, school is still open for keyworker children and I will be helping out with crafting activities. It might get messy but I’m sure it will be fun!

I hope the weather stays nice and sunny so that we can continue to get outside and be active.

Stay safe everyone and enjoy your week off – you deserve it!

Miss Thomson

Friday 15th May

Hello everyone

I hope you are all managing to stay safe and well.

It was great to see so many friendly, smiling faces at Wednesday’s online meetings. It was also great to hear what you had been up to and how you are managing to keep yourselves active. It’s definitely starting to look like some of us need a haircut!

I hope you enjoyed the VE Day celebrations, there were lots of flags and bunting around my village and the weather was great too. I even baked some cakes, although they didn’t look that good, they tasted great!

Some of you have said that you have been worrying about getting behind with school work. I just want to say that you should not be concerned in any way.  No one is missing out on any of the work - everyone is in the same position. It's a bit like things are 'on hold' for now. You will not get behind and when we all do get back to school, the teachers will take all of this into consideration when planning lessons.

I can see you have all been working really hard over the past few weeks, but just remember that it is also good to have lots of time off too. Hopefully plenty of fun time with your families.  

Alongside being in school on Wednesday, I am also planning work for when we get back to school in September. I have been busy writing your end of year reports, which are based on the two terms that we managed to complete. It does seem strange writing them so early on and it has taken me quite a while as there are so many of you.

I hope you manage to have a go at the quiz I have put in the classrooms today – let me have any feedback – did you enjoy it?

I will keep uploading photos of your work on class page, don’t forget to have a look.

Don't forget that you can contact me via email or by ringing the school office who will pass on your message.

Take care, stay safe and have fun.

Miss Thomson

Friday 1st May

Hello everyone

Here we are at the end of another week of home learning, for me the weeks are going very quickly. How’s it been for you?

I would like to say a huge well done to all of you who have managed to login to the classrooms and are now working online. I have been very impressed with how hard you are all working, so well done and keep up the good work!

I have been updating our class page on the website – please go and have a look at the photos on the tabs labelled ‘fantastic work’, ‘Martian gallery’ and ‘Keeping busy’. You have all produced some amazing pieces and it is nice to be able to share them with everyone else. If you have sent me a photo and do not see it on the website, but would like it to be included, please email me again and let me know. I have had lots and lots of emails and I may just have missed them. Please do continue to send me your photos and I will try my best to get them onto the web page as quickly as possible.

Next week is Science Fiction week for the whole school. Some of our work will be based around this Sci-fi theme. In addition, we shall be learning about VE Day and I have planned some fun activities for us all to take part in. Details will appear in the classroom as we go through the week.

Just to give you the heads up - We would like to try a virtual online meeting for all Attenborough pupils on Wednesday 6th May at 2 pm. It will last for around 30 minutes and will hopefully give members of the class a chance to wave to their friends, have a chat and share what they have been doing. We shall use the ‘Meet’ facility that is available via the classroom. I will send further details as to how it will work on a separate email early next week.

I know the weather hasn’t been that nice over the last few days but continue to make sure that you keep active and get lots of fresh air.

Take care, stay safe and hopefully we will all see one another next Wednesday.

Miss Thomson

Thursday 23rd April

Hi everyone and a happy St. George’s Day.

I hope you are all keeping safe and well.

I was in school yesterday supporting the keyworkers’ children. It was a busy day. We did maths, English and some reading. Then a few of us planted potatoes and watered the plants in the greenhouse and raised beds. We also did geography and then typed up some of our work on laptops. Working on a laptop is so different to using an ipad, so we learnt lots of new skills as well.

Some of the year 5s have been in touch to let me know how they are doing with their work. Most are doing maths and English in the morning then topic and an activity in the afternoon. This sounds like a good plan!

When you get time, please email me and let me know how you are getting on with the work that I have put on the padlet and the Google classroom. I would like to know if you are finding it easy to do or maybe a little tricky.  All feedback is good! My email address is   You can also use this email address to contact me if you are struggling with any of the work and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  I shall be adding more history, geography and some RE over the next few days.  Whilst you do not have to send me copies of your work, it is a good idea to keep it all together in a folder if you have one, so that when we return to school we can share our hard work with others. However, if you are proud of some of the work that you have done already, please email me a copy of it and I shall put it on our class page to share with everyone.

Please keep practising your times tables and remember to do a spelling test tomorrow (Friday) as we would if we were in school. Please email me with your spellings score and also the score that you get on the TT rockstars papers as I will be keeping a record of these in my book.

I look forward to hearing from you all.

Take care, stay safe and enjoy the sunshine.

Miss Thomson

Monday 20th April

Further to my emails over the last few days, just a reminder that if you have any questions or queries I can be contacted on this new email:-

I will reply as soon as I can.

Good luck with your learning

Miss Thomson


Catch up - Friday 3rd April.

Hello everyone.

Well here we are at the end of our second week in isolation. It still feels very strange being in school and not seeing and hearing everyone.

As well as working through our learning packs in school, we have continued to do a variety of other activities.  We have put some photos on the school website home page, check them out to see just a few of the things that we have done during the last fortnight.

I have already told you about the den building and gardening, but you can also see our map reading and ordnance survey work. We are doing the daily workout with Joe Wicks, even the adults are taking part and we will all be a lot fitter by the end of our isolation! We have made cards using quilling with help from Mrs Earley and Mrs Dunwoody and have enjoyed making totem poles using cardboard tubes and lots of imagination.

I have heard from a few of you and it is good to hear that you are doing OK and keeping busy. Amelia has been exceedingly busy, keeping up with her dancing and has also learnt about puppeteering. Well done Amelia!

Phoebe sent me some photos of her research work – She chose the Armadillo as a fascinating animal and created an excellent booklet. I have attached photos so that we can share our hard work. Well done Phoebe!

Did you take part in the odd sock challenge yesterday? Mrs Isle did and she sent me a photo of the Isle family’s feet – I think you can tell which ones are Harry’s! A fantastic effort and all very colourful.

As I mentioned in my last email, we will not be setting work over the Easter holiday. But it would be a good idea to keep practising your spellings and times tables, if you get chance.  Remember to check out the home page on the school website for additional links to some new ideas and activities.  Now might be the perfect time to try something new or improve some of your creative or practical skills. I am going to try and get better at drawing and painting.  I am not the best drawer in the world, so I have decided that I can use this isolation time to practise (and to not give up – I will give it 100% effort!)

As today would have been the last day of term, we had planned to do a whole school quiz in the hall. Unfortunately, we cannot now do this, however, I have attached a general knowledge quiz that you could play just for fun.  Maybe challenge an adult to see if they can beat your score!

I will be back in school next week and shall be in touch again then.  In the meantime, enjoy the weekend, get outside if you can as it looks like it is going to be warm and sunny and that always makes us feel a whole lot better.

Take care, stay safe, have fun and keep smiling!

Miss Thomson.




Catch Up - Tuesday 31st March.

Hello everyone.

I hope you are continuing to stay safe and well and are not feeling too cut-off from your family and friends. I bet Face time and Skype have never been so popular!

It seems quite a while since we were all at school together, in ‘normal’ circumstances this would be our final week in school before we break up for the Easter holidays. It is a shame that Year 5 did not get the opportunity to do the Easter service in church on the last day, however, I am sure that there will be other opportunities to show everyone how amazing you are!

I hope you are continuing to complete the work in your home learning packs. Remember that you had enough work in the packs to last two weeks, so continue to pace yourself and do a little bit every day. We will not be setting work over the 2 week period that is the Easter holiday. We do however, have some new and exciting things planned for when the holidays are over, and I will update you about those nearer the time.

Remember to check out the home page on the school website for additional links to some new ideas and activities.

Please remember to learn your spellings and to ask an adult to test you on them at the end of the week. This week is Week 6 spellings from 2B. Good luck!

Again, if you have online access, please try and use your TT Rockstars logins and test yourself/play the games offered. I can see that some of you are, but it would be great to see most of you taking this opportunity to practice your times tables.

How are the science and research projects going?  Remember that you can create a powerpoint presentation, make a booklet or even present your work in a scrapbook format. It really doesn’t matter as long as you do your best and enjoy researching.  If you need some paper you can call at school and we will give you an exercise book for you to do your work in.

If you fancy something to test your imagination, I have attached a copy of the Lego 30-day challenge. Give it a go and see what designs you can make. The sky is the limit on this one!

I’ll be in touch again later in the week, when I’ll give you an update about what we have been doing in school this week.

Stay safe and well and keep smiling!

Miss Thomson.



Weekly Catch Up - 26th March 2020

Hello everyone.

I hope you are safe and well. It has been a very strange week in school. So very quiet, as many of you are safely at home.

We are putting some photos on the website to show you all some of the things that we have been doing this week. Including some fantastic team-work during den building, well done Thomas, Oli, Ethan and Evan!

We have cleaned out the greenhouse and dug over the raised beds, ready for creating our new kitchen garden. Ethan and Eleanor spent a lot of time planting seeds, lets just hope that they remembered to label them correctly, or else we will be in for a few surprises when the plants eventually make an appearance!

We have further fun learning activities planned for today and tomorrow too.

I hope you have managed to challenge yourself with some of the activities within the pack. If you have online access, please try and use your TT Rockstars logins and test yourself/play the games offered. I can see that some of you are, but it would be great to see most of you taking this opportunity to practice your times tables.

Carol Vorderman has made her Maths Factor website resources free to all. It has some very good resources which will help to support your continued learning. Take a look, there are videos as well as games and fun!

Has anyone started their science or research projects yet? It will be interesting to see what you come up with.

Please continue with your learning and keep up the good work!

I miss teaching you all and will be in touch again soon.

Stay safe and well.

Miss Thomson.





Welcome to 4/5T Attenborough Class – February 2020.

Adults working in our class:- Miss Thomson, Mrs Furnish, Mrs Glover & Mrs Earley.

We have had a very busy start to the Spring term.

In English we read LOB by Linda Newbery and have started to read The Boy at the back of the Class by Onjali Q. Rauf.  We will be incorporating drama, debate and role-play into our lessons to help inspire our writing, and will consider themes such as bullying and child refugees.

In maths, we have learnt about length and perimeter, multiplication and division. During the second half of the term, we shall be learning about fractions, decimals and percentages.

In Science, our topic has been Sound. We learnt about how sounds are made and how the human ear can hear sound.  We conducted experiments to understand how vibrations and soundwaves travel and the differences between low and high pitch sounds. To complete our learning, we designed and made a set of sound-proof headphones. See photos in our gallery. Our next area of learning will be Living Things and their Habitats. We shall be working as scientists to investigate a variety of living things both locally, and within the wider environment. We will conduct our own experiments and learn to report our findings and to draw up our conclusions.

Our topic for the Spring term is ‘Invasions’ and in history we have learnt about the Roman invasion and the might of the Roman army. Our learning will continue into the next term as we investigate the Roman legacy in Britain, and move onto understanding how the Roman Empire came to an end.  We shall go on to study the Anglo-Saxon period of rule which spanned approximately 600 years, even longer than the Romans!

Art & D.T. will link to our topic work. We hope to plan, design and make items relating to the Romans and Anglo-Saxons, including shields, standard flags and helmets.   

Adults – Please note that P.E. will be on Mondays and Fridays. Children need to have their P.E. kits in school all week. As the weather starts to improve, some days we may go onto the field and/or participate in The Daily Mile.

Children also need to have their planners and reading books in school every day too please. We wish to encourage every child to read to an adult at home, a minimum of 3 times per week. Evidence that they have read 3 times, equals 3 house points, any more and they get 1 more house point per read! Remember: Reading Rocks!

I’m looking forward to sharing another busy, but fun half-term with you all.

Finally, if you have any concerns or need to talk to me, our class door is always open.

Thank you – Miss Thomson.

Maths - Roman Numerals

In Maths we are currently looking at Roman Numerals.

We are currently in the year MMXVIII (2018) How many examples can you find around you? Can you decode what they mean?

Don't forget to have a go at your homework this week- and play the game seeing who can get to 500 quickest. 500 in Roman Numerals is D