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Foundation Governors:

Appointed by Lincoln Diocesan Trust and Board of Finance Ltd

Reverend Jeremy Green (Ex Officio)
  Mrs Elizabeth Jenman (apt'd 04/12/14)
  Mr Alan Purdy (apt'd 04/02/15)

Appointed Governors:

Appointed by Members

Mrs Maria Potter (Chair) (apt'd 01/09/12)
Vacancy Mrs Julie Mitchell (appointed 10.11.14) (resigned 19.12.14) (reappointed 16.04.14)   (resigned  October 15)
Vacancy Mrs Karen Furnish (apt'd 10.11.14)    (Resigned 19.12.14) 

Co-opted Governors

Appointed by Governors

Mr Alex Jenman ( Vice Chair) (apt'd 01/09/12)
Vacancy Mr David Rose (Apt'd 03.07.14)     (Resigned 12.05.15)
  Ms Sara Curtis  (apt'd 24/06/15)

Parent Governors:

Appointed by Members

(elected by parents)


Mr Dean Southam (apt'd 16/07/15) (resigned 16.06.16)
  Mr Gareth Harle (apt'd 6/11/17)
  Mr D Welch (Apt'd 22.02.16)

Staff Governors:

Appointed by Members

(elected by current staff)

Mrs Christine Bradley  (apt'd 16.07.14)(resigned 04.03.16)
  Mrs Mary Wilson  (apt'd 24/08/15)
  Mrs Karen Furnish (Apt'd 06/04/16)
Ex officio Head Teacher: Miss June Richardson

All Governor's Terms of office are four years with the exception of the 'Ex officio' Governors.