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Keeping ourselves safe and healthy

During June we have held a Child Safety week and a Healthy Eating week. Children in all classes have explored a range of safety and health promoting topics. Here is some of our work

Turn off technology for safety poems

Head down, glued on my phone,

head down, I'm walking home.

Head down, purse open, hopefully nothing's gone.

Head down, got a text, what's going to happen next?

Head down, bumped my head, text'd my friend, 'Is this the end?'

Didn't see the car - yes it's the end.

By Lily S

Year 4 acted out what can happen if we are not concentrating as we walk along.

Head down, i-phone

flashing, as I'm dashing

down streets.

Head down, i-phone

flashing, as I'm crashing

with a car.

Head down, i-phone

flashing, as I'm bashing

into a person.

By Bayley Y5