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Admissions Policy

If this is your child's first admission into a school, your Local Authority (wherever you pay your council tax to) will send you an application form around October each year, or your current childcare provider may be able to supply you with one.  The Local Authority will notify you during March if your child has been successful in gaining a place at your preferred school, this leaves time for appeals if necessary. 

If you are transferring your child 'in year' you still have to apply to your Local Authority, who will then contact your preferred school to see if they have places available. 

Please refer to our Admission Policy for any further guidance.

Details of our school's Admission Policy can be downloaded using the link below.

North Lincs Admission Policies can be found on the local authority website.

Please click the link below to access this website.

Link: Local Authority Admissions Policy

File icon: pdf Admissions Policy 2017-18 [pdf 137KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Admissions Policy 2018-19 [pdf 137KB] Click to download