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Molecular Metamorphosis

A molecular metamorphosis changed the lamp state and made it bend. The sparkling light blinked and emitted a glowing mist that stirred in the air. A silvery cloud drifted between two large towering sky scrapers, the harvest moon cradled and gave out a radiant light. The girl, who was Macey, was rooted to the ground in amazement. Her younger sister, Judith, was possessed by what her older sister had done. The girl was panting from how much energy she had used and how tired she was....


by Ethan Timmins

Snow poems by Year 5   February 2018

Snow's Performance

The frosty flakes

dance their way down

and enchant the garden

The quiet,cold snow

patters on the ground

forming a sheet of white ice-cream

The snow is much more than frost from a fridge

Winter wonderland, snowflakes glimmer

Watch the snow's performance!

Skiing Olympics

Here I am in Pyeong Chang,

Speeding, zooming, zipping past

I take time, they speed down like cheetahs,

There they go, jumping, half-pipe, downhill and cross,

Crashing, tumbling and booming,

skis and snowboards fly in the air

Up they go again!

Then a blizzard.

They come crashing down,

The paramedics are coming!

"It's not the amount of times you fall down."
"It's the amount of times you get up!"

says the speaker,

That'll be me... I think!

Withered and Shivered



Shivering and




the icy slates lying on the rooves.

Old and withered is the tree

that has ben there longer

than you and me.

A crazy, hazy blizzard.

Children retreating with fright,

coldness of the tree,

of the bark that is dark.

Like a ghost


just waiting

sunset and dusk

runaway we must.

The icy place

which you must face

the tree of ice

as quiet as a group of mice.



Our Year 6 Visit to Lincoln Cathedral

Westwoodside School was invited to Lincoln Cathedral for the Church Schools' Festival on May 16th. There were lots of other schools there - it was very exciting! We all sat in the nave and were told what we would be doing. First our group went to Longland Chantry to sketch things that we could see from inside and outside of the chantry. After that, we did ‘Cathedral exploring’ and had to answer certain questions like, where the font was and why it was close to the entrance of the cathedral. This is because it is the beginning of your Christian life. Then we practised singing with three other schools in the Chapter house (choral workshop). It was funny because Daniella, Lucy and Lily  had to make a musical instrument out of air pumps and pipes with other children, the old fashioned way!

We all met back up at the nave to eat lunch. We then had the church service and some of our class had to fetch our school banner and parade down the middle aisle of the nave. We learned a lot there; it was very impressive.

 Report by: Michael and Brett






The room was bare, but very big. It had one rocking chair with a simple pillow on it. There were three pillows sat on the floor silently but no blankets. Just a hard bumpy floor. The roof wasn’t even finished but I didn’t care. My heart had gone cold since Jesus left. I felt nothing but depression. Tears didn’t flow though, just complete sadness, I was broken. I didn’t want to say goodbye, but Jesus’ time had come to an end. He had been the one teaching me to do the correct thing and what choices I should choose. Whether what I was doing was right or wrong. But now, now I was clueless. Should I be outside joining the parade? Should I stay? After all I didn’t like the silence, the other men were taller than me. They had beards, some curly, some straight. Their tunics were brown or white. Mine had been bleached white. I could break into tears, but I hated crying in front of my friends. I had cried and my face was still red. I didn’t know what was coming to me. Jesus had told me something special would happen, but without him, I had no idea what.

Then suddenly, I spotted a fire over all my friends’ heads, the wind was like water being swished around. I felt warmth over my own head, but my hands didn’t burn when I reached up. My tunic was covered in dust and the fire was extremely bright. The dark room lit up so brightly, it was as if I was looking at the sun. Jesus had told us he’d be back, but was this really his spirit? I was confused, afraid. I had no idea what miracle was happening or even … bad thing.

We all stared at each other, our mouths open in shock. Then we began speaking to each other in different languages. People gathered.

“How are they doing that?” they yelled in awe.

“They’ve been drinking too much!” others accused.

Then, I went to the people. How dare they make fun of us? Usually false rumours were not worth my time… but this time…

“PEOPLE LISTEN!” I called, “My fellow Jews, and all of you who are in Jerusalem, listen to me. Pay attention to what I have to say. These men are not drunk, as you think; it is only 9 o’clock in the morning! But Joel the prophet wrote about what is happening here today….”




We were all sat around a low wooden table sat on cushions thinking. The atmosphere was dead. The mood was dejected. It was just a normal evening and we were eating our dinner in a bare empty room. We were lonely but we were with others. There was still a festival outside. It was loud and cheerful but we were silent. None of us wanted to do anything else. We just sat and thought of Jesus and his death.

Suddenly we heard a strange noise.. the noise of the wind. The wind was growing louder and then some flickering orange flames appeared and stood over everybody’s heads. Then each on of us was filled with the Holy Spirit giving us power to speak foreign languages. There were others in the room and we could speak their languages even though they were from different countries. Some men thought we were drunk but we had actually just been filled by the Holy Spirit.

Afterwards, Peter stood up and spoke to the people saying, “My fellow Jews, we are not drunken or crazy. We have just been filled with the Holy Spirit and now we can speak many different languages to others. Follow Jesus! He is the Son of God! Even though he is dead his spirit is still alive.


I’m in a crowd, a random meeting. Everyone’s gathering because of the riddance of Jesus. A strong feeling hits the atmosphere – a holy presence fills me with joy. I know this feeling – it’s the coming of the Holy Spirit. Although it’s not Jesus. I know it’s the spirit most high. I feel something is going to happen.

I hear words. Words of foreign languages. Flames above me. Strong, fast winds whistling in the air. It’s like a celestial parade-weird and wonderful. While some priests think we’re drunk, I believe this is a work of the Holy Spirit. The tension is real.

The Holy Spirit has filled me with greatness and a positive feeling and I no longer need it. It’s ascended up to the sky just like Jesus. Now I can have pride: I’ve now been blessed by the Sprit and I’ve been filled with joy. I’m proud to be alive and witness this one-off opportunity from the Holy Spirit.

By Solomon.

It was a hot dry day. We sat in the house. The white walls were peeling off, with grey streaks of mould. My faded grey tunic was rubbing against the hard dirty floor. I looked down, I saw a grey spider crawl across my tanned bare feet. Everyone was sitting silently, it was meant to be a festival but it felt like a graveyard. Everyone was lost in their own thoughts it was almost as if the whole world was standing still. Breaking the silence, there was a faint sound of wind blowing. Everyone faced towards the door, expecting for it to blow open and for someone to come in through but everything was as still as before.

The wind noise slowly got louder. Peter looked at me and then looked back at the door everyone was confused. Suddenly the wind noise got so loud that everyone covered their ears. I wanted to rush out, away from this strange place but something was holding me back. Wonder? Confusion? Sadness? Hope? There was a faint smell of burning smoke and there was a tiny flame growing… growing… I tried to back away. Everyone else followed but the flame surrounded us. I heard a noise, it was speech but I didn’t understand it. To my surprise I looked down and saw it was me…

Scared, I tried to back away more but as I touched the flame I was being pulled into the centre of the room. I heard a voice. This time it wasn’t strange – I understood. It was people saying, “Look at these fools!” and “They must have had too much to drink.” I felt offended because I knew I had done nothing of the sort. Suddenly, I heard another voice like the voice I’d heard before. This time it wasn’t me. I looked to my left and the person next to me was speaking these strange words. Somehow I understood what he was saying, “This is the work of the Holy Spirit!” I believed him.

By Phoebe