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What do our children say about our school?

"We come to school to learn and make friends."

Zachary (Reception)

"We come to school to learn because when you get a job you need your maths and literacy or if you are a scientist you need your science." Sienna (Y3)

"We come to school to learn, work and play."  

Jack (Y4)

" I like coming to school because I can play football!"

Lily (Y2)

"We come to our school for a good education which will help us to get a good job and we will also make friends."

Isabelle (Y5)

"School helps us to learn and we can learn and get knowledge for when we are older."

Ailsa (Y6)

" We come to school to learn because if you didn't come to school that would mean that you would know everything already."

Ciaran (Y1)

"Coming to school makes me happy because I like learning!"

Caoimhe (Y1)

"I like coming to school because there are lots of things to do."

James (Nursery)

" The teachers are nice and help us to learn."

Kenzie (Reception)

"In our school the displays are interesting and they show off the work we have been doing."

Jenson (Y3)

"The teachers are very kind and if you are worried you can go to a teacher."

Millie (Y4)

"The teachers and the children work together at our school."

Nathan (Y2)

"I feel safe at school and I feel that I can trust the teachers to help me" Ben (Y5)

"Our school is a safe place to be and everyone helps us to get the best education."

Molly (Y6)